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2018 Inter-Ivy League Chess Championships




The annual Inter-Ivy League Chess Championships is the official chess competition among the Ivy League. This year, Penn sent one team to this four-round event, hosted by Columbia University. 

Time: Saturday, February 24th

Location: Columbia University

We would like to congratulate the below players for competing at the 2018 Inter-Ivy League Championships! While we only sent one large team this year, we found a balance between competition for stronger players and experience for weaker players. Overall, Penn placed 4th overall in the Ivy League this year, an outstanding result given strong playing field.

Our club members representing Penn are listed by rating:

Penn Team:

1. Clemen Deng, '20

2. Roman Cano, '18

3. Jonathan Chen, '19

4. Noah Marinelli, '18

5. Robert Sim, '21

6. Mark D'Souza, '21

7. Gabriel Soliman, '19


Standings and Official USCF Tournament Page will be updated when posted!

Top (Left to Right): Noah, Roman, Mark, Gabriel

Bottom (Left to Right): Clemen, Robert, Jonathan