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2017 Inter-Ivy League Chess Championships

Penn Team B


The annual Inter-Ivy League Chess Championships is the official chess competition among the Ivy League. This year, Penn sent two teams to this four-round event, hosted by Columbia University. 

Time: Saturday, February 25th

Location: Columbia University

We'd like to congratulate both of Penn's teams for their fighting spirit and efforts. Team A scored 2/4, beating Dartmouth, drawing Yale and Brown B, and losing to Brown A. We'd like to give a shout-out to our Team A board 3, Roman Cano, for winning all 4 of his games and the board 3 prize! 

Our club members representing Penn are listed by rating and team:

Penn Team A:

1. Akshay Malhotra

2. Brian Luo

3. Roman Cano

4. Vince Moss


Penn Team B:

1. Sam Leavitt

2. Vivek Raj

3. Will Johnson

4. Derek Leung


Final Team Rankings (out of 4 rounds):

1. Brown A (3.5)
2. Columbia A (3.0)
3. Yale (2.0)
4. Penn A (2.0)
5. Columbia B (2.0)
6. Dartmouth (2.0)
7. Brown B (1.0)
8. Penn B (0.5)